Bags with a Twist

Sep 19, 2018
Change. Some of us crave it, others are intimidated by it. For the latter, something just keeps holding them back.
While searching for the right cabinets, ask yourself the following questions: Are they the right size for your room?
Do you feel like you are always on the run? That every day you complete task after task, only to come across a whole bunch of other tasks!?

Mediterranean Gems

Sep 5, 2018
Did you know that the Mediterranean countries are known for their arts and crafts, pottery and other handmade ornaments?

Loyal to Apple?

Jul 30, 2018
Have you heard the concept of Brand loyalty?! Used in Marketing, it is the tendency of buying products made by a specific brand over other.
Among the last steps in house construction you need to decide the fate of your kitchen floor and counters. Typically, people adhere to marble since it’s heat resistant and an elegant addition to the interior.
It goes without say that your bedroom was made for relaxation, a place where you can re-charge your batteries after a long and productive day.

We Chair-ish You

Jul 16, 2018
Do you remember that episode from Friends were Joey’s chair “Rosita” gets broken and Rachel buys the La-Z-Boy E-cliner 3000?! Perhaps it’s time you purchased your chair of the year!
You must have heard the story that made the New York Times headline - “Adam Levine’s Leather Jacket Was Stolen. Twice!”

Dazzling Earrings

Jul 2, 2018
It is said that earrings are the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit: long/short, big/small, hoops or studs, rest assured that our collections will not disappoint!