Similar to the little black dress, that is a must staple in every women’s wardrobe, we present to you: the clutch! A small handbag made to safeguard all your essentials during a night in the town!
If you want to “Wow” your friends on your next night out, then you should consider our exceptional line of jewellery! Forget the classic and sweet looks for once, our unusual pieces will definitely put you on the spotlight.
Did you know that the two most popular products people bring back home after spending holidays in Greece are olive oil and leather sandals?!
Have you ever wanted to add a tropical feel to your home? Perhaps some accessories that will remind you of that exotic vacation you took a while back? If your answer was yes, then this post was made for you!
Fashion and lifestyle magazine Vogue featured the top color trends to look out for this Spring & Summer of 2018! The fuss

Hello Sunshine!

Apr 2, 2018
Spring is officially here and it’s time to dust off our grills for the first barbecue of the year!
Have you ever wanted to have all your spices handy? Keep flour bugs away from starchy food? Or protect sugar from unnecessary moist? Then keep reading along!

Retro Soul

Mar 26, 2018
Are you always on the lookout for vintage items to add to your interior? Ever thought about the concept behind furniture labelled as part of this category?
Some of the Interior Design Trends for 2018 include the “partition” of an interior into small spaces with the purpose of allocating them for different tasks.
Successful Entrepreneur Richard Branson can’t stress enough one of his valuable lessons in life: to have fun! Reduced stress, energy boost and a positive attitude are just some of the perks you will gain from this activity and will help you kill all the zombies in case an Apocalypse comes your way!