Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?
Since its inception, the use of mirrors has greatly expanded. Aside from its main purpose to view one’s reflection, it is now also used for decoration and to create the illusion of a bigger space. This time around, our designers bring us stylish ideas that will give your house a modern makeover. Some of the charming creations are made from materials such as copper, acrylic glass, coloured or acrylic wall mirror, laser cut steel and other. Follow our recommendations for every main compartment in your house!
Fall has finally kicked in and we all know what this season brings along: cosy sweaters, cups of warm tea a whole lot of reading. Enjoy the simple sensations of flipping through the pages with modern bookends, shelves and luminous lamps. Created by our outstanding designers using various materials such as pine wood, birch plywood, ash tree wood, steel hardware and other. This post is dedicated to all the book lovers around the World – don’t stop spreading the magic. Read along to find out what we have in store for you today!
This year, the latest trends for Women’s watches were all about basic designs, athletic yet elegant, leather straps, fancy gold and rose gold tones including white and blue shades. Our designers focused on creating timeless pieces featuring materials such as stainless steel, Italian leather, hardened mineral crystal glass faces and other; some of them handmade, other with water and time resistant features. The variety of colour ranges included classy gold and rose gold tones, timeless white, blue and brown. Take a look at the most dazzling combinations our team has come up with to always keep you in style!
The decorating trends 2017 didn’t catch Qrator designers of guard this year. If you remember, last year woven wall hangings and Scandinavian inspired interior design were in demand. This year, Vogue featured 3 interior designers (Martyn Lawrence-Bullard, Young Huh and Beth Diana Smith), for easy and implementable pointers on household decor.
Since the Medieval Times of King Arthur, a lot has changed about the symbolism of round tables. Nowadays, instead of resembling equality amongst everybody seated at the table, it brings people closer and stands out within rectangular and square interiors. What better way to bring people together than a cup of coffee? This time around, our team has decided to focus on round and oval indoor coffee tables that never go out of style! Created by our exceptional designers using plywood, oak, steel and other materials and colours consisted of black and white and wooden tones. Read along to find out our latest recommendations on types of round tables your house in desperately in need of!
Have you been saving up for months to buy that designer bag? The one that once you buy it, leaves you penniless and forces you to wear it day in, day out? Of course there are pros to having designer bags: they will definitely attract other people’s attention and make you look great; but on the counter side, they will wear off at a fast pace! Imagine a World where you could purchase let’s say about 3 or 5 bags and alternate them accordingly with your different outfits! Sounds like heaven right? Put your feet on the ground because our designers are here to make your dreams comes true! They have created good quality, long lasting and affordable handbags suitable for everyday use, made of different materials such as leather, marine canvas, wool felt and other. This post is dedicated to some of our high-end designers with the purpose to make you get to know them and their products a little better. Take a look at our suggestions and pick away!
Winter is approaching as dark tones are slowly taking over the colourful selections of Summer. This time, our designers have in display for us creations made of a variety of leather (buffalo leather, calf leather, bespoke leather, off-white leather), wool felt and other. Their focus is to bring stylish, unique and functional alternatives to daily essentials. Take a look at our wallet recommendations for men, women and non-gender-specific alternatives.
In this Digital World we are living, practically nobody leaves the house without their beloved laptop. For this reason, we have decided to dedicate a separate post with some of our designer’s exquisite laptop bags for women. Aside from the fact that some of the pieces are handmade and water resistant, our designers use high-end and long lasting materials such as Italian leather, carbon fibre leather, nylon and solid brass, resined awning fabric and other. In order to help you find your perfect match, we have grouped our laptop bags according to character traits/activities. Keep scrolling for our recommendations!