Round Indoor Coffee Tables by Qrator

Since the Medieval Times of King Arthur, a lot has changed about the symbolism of round tables. Nowadays, instead of resembling equality amongst everybody seated at the table, it brings people closer and stands out within rectangular and square interiors.

Everyday Handbags for Women

Have you been saving up for months to buy that designer bag? The one that once you buy it, leaves you penniless and forces you to wear it day in, day out? Of course there are pros to having designer bags: they will definitely attract other people’s attention and make you look great!

Functional Wallets for Men and Women

Winter is approaching as dark tones are slowly taking over the colourful selections of Summer. This time, our designers have in display for us creations made of a variety of leather (buffalo leather, calf leather, bespoke leather, off-white leather), wool felt and other.

Women Laptop Bags by Qrator

In this Digital World we are living, practically nobody leaves the house without their beloved laptop. For this reason, we have decided to dedicate a separate post with some of our designer’s exquisite laptop bags for women.

Interior Design Ideas for Small Places

We don’t all have spacious living rooms, kitchens nor bedrooms, but what we do have is creative minds! If you are reading this, you are either moving into a smaller apartment or are looking for ways to maximize your compact living area.

Summer 2017 Trends on bags by Qrator

Let’s face it, picking a bag is tricky! It has to be the right size, shape and colour and match your current clothes, the upcoming season trends not to mention your shoes! But don’t worry because we have got it all figured out!

Jewellery made in the United Kingdom

he Fashion Week runways showcasing the Summer Trends 2017 were filled with bold creations from top designers such as Dior, Prada, Givenchy and Chanel. They were filled with a variety of materials to suit all tastes and the large size pieces were praised as they created fashion statements.