Comfortable Corner – Interior Design Trend 2018

Some of the Interior Design Trends for 2018 include the “partition” of an interior into small spaces with the purpose of allocating them for different tasks.

Home Office Interior Design Ideas

With the rise of remote and online jobs, people are devoting some of their square footage to keep their juices flowing with no distractions. For some, working from home can be fulfilling but for others, it can be a struggle, leading to a vicious cycle of procrastination…

Hygge or Còsagach?

Hygge or Còsagach?

The holidays are approaching, and what better way to prepare for them by creating your safe haven! People are coming up with words to explain certain sensations and lately, the news has been debating over two concepts: “Hygge” and “Còsagach”.

Mirror Decorating Ideas for your house

Since its inception, the use of mirrors has greatly expanded. Aside from its main purpose to view one’s reflection, it is now also used for decoration and to create the illusion of a bigger space. This time around, our designers bring us stylish ideas that will give your house a modern makeover.

Designs for Book Lovers by Qrator

Fall has finally kicked in and we all know what this season brings along: cosy sweaters, cups of warm tea and a whole lot of reading. Enjoy the simple sensations of flipping through the pages with modern bookends, shelves and luminous lamps.

Purple Kitchen Decoration

The decorating trends 2017 didn’t catch Qrator designers of guard this year. If you remember, last year woven wall hangings and Scandinavian inspired interior design were in demand. This year, Vogue featured 3 interior designers for easy and implementable pointers on household decor.

Round Indoor Coffee Tables by Qrator

Since the Medieval Times of King Arthur, a lot has changed about the symbolism of round tables. Nowadays, instead of resembling equality amongst everybody seated at the table, it brings people closer and stands out within rectangular and square interiors.

Interior Design Ideas for Small Places

We don’t all have spacious living rooms, kitchens nor bedrooms, but what we do have is creative minds! If you are reading this, you are either moving into a smaller apartment or are looking for ways to maximize your compact living area.